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Unitread Quick Couplings

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UNITREAD is India’s first company to manufacture a complete range of quick couplings and the first ISO 9001 : 2000 DNV certified coupling manufacturer in India.

UNITREAD quick couplings are manufactured at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility comparable to the best. Our in-house manufacturing and machining facility provides precision components that go in the assembly of the final product – resulting in the highest quality and most reliable and safe product. Our engineering standards ensure absolute INTERNATIONAL INTERCHANGEABILITY across the world.

Today, UNITREAD serves virtually every industry in the control and flow of fluid power- hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, petrochemical and even cryogenic applications. UNITREAD is the ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT supplier to many major mobile equipment, petrochemical, industrial and farm equipment manufacturers that include multi-nationals as well as domestic Indian companies.

UNITREAD Quick Couplings range from miniature 1/8 inches to 6 inches with a variety of styles that are application based.

We at UNITREAD today lead the way in HYDRAULIC COUPLINGS that are designed and manufactured to global standards. Our applications and styles from simple hydraulic couplings to DRY BREAK, FLAT FACED and many other special styles. Today, we have emerged as the SPECIALIST manufacturers for the FARM EQUIPMENT Sector.

We at UNITREAD offer comprehensive, affordable and cost effective quick coupling solutions.

Producing fine quality products is a way of life with all members of our team who continuously endeavor to provide our customers the best of technology and manufacturing process and provide built-in quality at every stage from design to delivery. Nothing is compromised.

Although our products meet wide applications, it is always likely that you require customized coupling to meet your application.Please do get in touch with us and our application and design team shall be happy to work on it.

To facilitate availability of our products across the country at every industrial township, we have a large network of dealers to offer you service at your doorstep.

There is no industry that cannot find an application for UNITREAD Quick Couplings.